Things to Consider When Acquiring a Laptop


Is there a particular laptop that suits your needs? Different persons have different needs when it comes to laptops. In addition, there are several types of laptops. Each of them has a specific price and specification. Here are some of the things worth considering when buying a new laptop.

Size of the Screen

If you need a portable laptop then you should consider buying a notebook. It has a small screen and it’s lightweight too! This is great for travelers. Look for a laptop that is advertised as Ultrabook. It is slim and lightweight. Additionally, check the size of the screen. You should choose a screen which measures between 12.5 to 13.3 inches. The weight should be between 1 to 1.5kg.


When purchasing laptops, be sure to choose Intel’s Core-based CPUs. You can either choose Core i3, Core i5, or Core i7. These type of CPUs can provide you with utmost performance, especially for multitasking or multimedia tasks. Core i3-based notebooks are usually used for entry-level operations. Core i3-based laptops are prevalent among users. On the other hand, Core i7-based laptops are perfect for users who are looking for the ultimate performance. Nevertheless, the heat coming from the base can be a major concern. Most especially if you place the laptop on your lap for quite some time.


In order to get the best performance from your laptop, choose the one that has a 4GB RAM or even more. With more RAM, it gives you the chance to run more applications at the same time. Also, you can quickly access your data anytime. This is very helpful for specific tasks such as editing images.


This is another important factor that should be considered, especially if you are storing a lot of data. Hard drives are great, but not quite on laptops. They tend to be bulky, slow and produce too much noise and heat. On the other hand, a Solid State Drive or an SSD is more suitable for thin laptops. This is because it gives you more speed compared to hard drives. It is not bulky and runs smoothly.

However, these SSDs can’t give you more storage. You can only choose 128GB or 256GB capacity. Also, laptops with 256GB SSDs cost more. Although, with 128GB SSD, you can still enjoy a quicker speed in booting up your system, accessing your data and running your programs.

Battery Life

There are a lot of things that can affect the battery life of your laptop. For instance, the resolution and brightness of your screen as well as the applications that are running on your laptop. Your battery can drain faster if you are running programs that require too much processing. Also, if you are streaming online videos or transferring files using your wireless network.

Finally, you have to balance your budget and your requirements. Perhaps, you should make some compromises. A laptop from Best Buy that has all the necessary features that you need might be a bit expensive. So, be sure to prioritize your needs before making a choice.