The Most Underrated Adventure Spots in the World

One of the greatest pleasures in the world is without a doubt, ‘travelling.’ It is a time when you experience the world over a different point of view and get to go beyond yourself. With so many places to see and visit, you can go your whole life not visiting it all. However, you can surely come close! In the following, you’ll find many adventure spots that don’t get the attention they deserve:

South Korea

Wedged between China and Japan, South Korea is frequently ignored as a travel destination. South Korea seems less exotic than either of those and is smaller. Nevertheless, this beautiful plot of land is packed with adventure. In this country, hiking is a national pastime which is seemingly made for hikers. Just in vicinity of the capital city called Seoul, there are more than 20 mountains and various rocky peaks which are famous for rock climbers!

The morning fog amongst the mountain peaks is so attractive that many people think spirits live there! South Korea is also a heaven for cyclists thanks to the well-developed road system! Pyeongchang, a city located in the east hosted the Winter Olympics last month. Whichever activities people took on, there were always tasty Korean food waiting for them at the end of their adventure!


Wales is a country which is poised to become the adventure capital of Europe. With hiking trails for days, the mountains of Snowdonia and a rugged coast, your holiday will be packed with infinite activities! One of the most exceptional attractions in Blaenau Ffestiniog, a town in Wales, is Bounce Below. Situated inside a massive subversive cavern, you can ride the indoor ziplines, play on the world’s largest underground trampoline, or traverse along a massive via ferrata! Wales has infinite outdoor adventures and they keep creating more!


The Republic of Georgia is one of the best countries around for adventure travel. And this is not just because of the spectacular high Caucasus Mountains, but equally because of the warmth and gregariousness of Georgian people! If you visit there one day, you’ll find many people saying that guests are gifts from God. This is one of their traditional sayings. Besides, they really mean it! There are also two top trekking areas called Svaneti and Tusheti. They are much more than the landscapes and the mountains!


Malaysia has an enthralling history and is a real melting pot of landscapes, people, food, religions and cultures. You can wander through the famous streets, buying street food and visiting temples, mosques and churches all in one street. Malaysia is also home to lush tea plantations and cool highlands, world class diving, paradise islands, steamy jungles, and mountains! When it comes to the food, it is equally as diverse as the culture. People from Malaysia are genuinely friendly and welcoming.

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