The 5 Best Beaches to Visit in Thailand



Thailand is a popular destination for tourists who are looking to have their vacations at a tropical beach. Especially in the south of Thailand, you will find many tropical islands that are lined with palm trees, and surrounded by azure water. The following are the 5 best beaches in Thailand.


  1. Donald Duck Bay

Donald Duck Bay is thus called because of a rock that looks like the Donald Duck character from Disney on the beach. Situated at the north end of Similan Island 8, it is a popular beach for tourist cruises. Tourists can climb up the Donald Duck rock and take photos. If you want to see green turtles, you can take part in the night diving tour. The best time to see green turtles is in between October – November. Snorkelers will get to see fishes such as barracuda, Napolean Wrasse, morays, parrot fish, lobsters and critters. There is a group of large boulders called Whale Back Rock at the entrance of the beach.


  1. Kata Beach

Kata Beach is a white sandy beach that offers lots of palm tree shades in the south of Karon Beach. The beach becomes a popular surfing spot in between May – October. From November to April, the beach is often crowded with foreigners who come to bask in the sun. There are 2 sections on the beach including Kata Centre which is the north section and Kata South where you can find a lot of resorts. Kata Beach is a well developed area with lots of souvenir stalls, restaurants, fashion boutiques and hawker stalls selling cheap food.


  1. Railay Beach

Railay Beach comprises of four beaches on the peninsula of Railay in the Andaman ocean. It is located to the south of Ao Nang Beach and you can easily arrive here by boat. There are lots of natural features to see including limestone cliffs, vantage points, and caves. As the peninsula is not yet developed, you won’t be able to find any public transportation except long tail boats. There is only a few people that would stop by so it is easy to find some peace.


  1. Thong Nai Pan Noi

Thong Nai Pan Noi is the smaller beach of the twin beach called Thong Nai Pan Yai. Although it is smaller, it is busier and has more visitors than the other beach. Thong Nai Pan Noi has soft white sands with tranquil blue waters. Couples can easily find it a romantic spot to relax and watch the ocean scenery. The beach is generally clean because the resort situated in front it maintains it. There is a small village on the adjacent area where you can find lots of restaurants, laundries, and shops. Sometimes, the water can be rough so it may not be suitable for swimmers.


  1. Lamai Beach

Lamai Beach offers the second largest resort in Koh Samui, Island. It is not as busy as the sister beach, Chaweng and has much older facilities. There are plenty of resorts along the 4 km long beach. You can buy cheap food at the nearby hawker stalls. The beach is proned to thunder storm sometimes. Lamai Beach is usually clean and you should not have any issue with pollution such as plastic. It is a great place where you can carry out water sports activity like jet ski.